Murder at CrackPot Manor

It will leave you in Stitches


Dying with Laughter.


The Evening's Programme 


The Murder Mystery at Crack pot Manor urges you with haste to organise your teams with the following equipment in order to solve this most heinous of crimes; 


Elect or choose a Team leader or Spokesperson

Pens & Notepads.

Smart TV or Computer with internet connection, to Zoom or Google Teams.

Drinks & Nibbles for your Guests.


Welcome to "What Butler Saw" A Murder Mystery at Crackpot Manor.


A maximum of Four teams will be able to participate for the evening with a Maximum of 8 persons per team. You can organise other teams amongst your family and friends or experience the fun with a team of no acquaintance to add to the Mystery.


This will give the evening its intimate feeling & ambiance as well as allowing your teams to experience the optimum in hilarity to the evenings Shenanigans

The evening's programme will consist of five separate Acts opening with the Introduction, meeting & greeting by Inspector Shady McStrange.


This will be followed by a short informative & Entertaining film which will give you the evidence of the Murder itself and several clues which will lead you toward the ever deepening plot of the second act.


In Each of the Three Acts that follow; A Character of your choice will appear in order to be questioned about the Murder by your Team. At the end of each interrogation a further hilarious short film will be shown moving the plot forward into the next act.

At the end of each Short film there will be a Ten minute Team debrief & discussion to decide where you all stand or sit in your investigation. Make notes at these stages so that your Team Leader or Host can present your case at the end of the evening. 

Inspector Shady McStrange will hear all the teams conclusions and will finally reveal The Murderer at the conclusion of this Final Act.


The Characterz that you wish to appear & Interview are pre arranged at the booking stage of your evening by your Team leader or host.


We do hope you have an absolutely Killer Evening with us at Crackpot Manor,



Amazing Characters