There's been a Murder at

"Crackpot Manor"

Can You solve the Mystery?


"What Butler Saw"

It will leave you in Stitches


Dying with Laughter.

Sergai Walankov  (Butler) R.I.P. 

Hello...It is me the Ghost of Sergai Walankov........

It is with sad and heavy heart I talk with you, from beyond Grave.


I have been murdered by somebody I knew and trusted who didn't like what I saw with my own eyes.


They have silenced me forever, but for this one moment with the help of Gypsy Tears and Clairvoyant help of Ancient Soothsayer, I am able to leave this message for you.

I had many Friends, but also, Enemies who wanted me Dead.....Why?

Please, help find my Killer, so my soul can rest in peace.

I was poor immigrant Butler from Russia, I came to work at Crackpot Manor to save money to bring my wife and son for better life in sunny lands of  England.

I was given very good welcome by Reverend Ringo & all the lovely people who work here. The guests also, seemed to like me, I was very happy until the 

something happened to change all my joy, at the Anniversary Party at Crackpot Manor......

It will leave you in Stitches


Dying with Laughter.