Noris Johnson


Hello Noris Johnson Here!


I'm no relation to our beloved Prime minister Boris although I admire him from a social Distance & as far to the right as possible.


I love to address the Nation on the vital issues of the Day with my opinionated points of view but from a standpoint of absolutely no power at all.


I like to debate vital subjects of National importance with my vegetables whom I call the Cabinet & because of this I find myself being invited to Party's all around the Country to Meet & Greet, Mix & Mingle & Entertain guests

with my funny stories & marvellous anecdotes.


You too can hire me for a nominal appearance fee to appear at one of your Shindigs where I will liven affairs up with my Hilarious Shenanigans & cause an absolute Mayhem of Mirth.


Book Me & Any of my other Chums from the Amazing Characterz Directory


Book Now to avoid Disappointment

& the end of lock down Rush!!!


He will leave you in Stitches,

Hospitalised with Hilarity

Dying with Laughter.