The Brief...


Detective Shady McStrange


"Hi There...Shady here, there's been a Murder at Crackpot Manor and I need your help to solve it.

The Russian Butler Sergai Walankov has been bumped off, so here is what we're gonna do.

I want you to put yourselves into Teams and Book Now for your Zoom Call where you can choose which Amazing Characterz you want to interview to help you catch the murderer.


It doesn't matter how many people you have in your Team, But I can only take care of up to Five teams at any one time, for you to get the full experience.

We will solve this case in around 90 minutes, you can have a Party while you do it, you sick puppies!

Read the message from Sergai, on The Murder Page and watch the short film for further information, then when you are ready to book your evening don't forget to choose the three Characterz you want to talk to the most, if there are several teams then the top three most requested suspects will be available on the night.

I will be there to guide you through the evidence, the videos and the clues step by step until together we apprehend this most heinous Muderer...!!!"



Good luck your going to need it....!!!

Murder at CrackPot Manor

It will leave you in Stitches


Dying with Laughter.