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Amazing Characterz 


We Provide; Walk About, Meet & Greet, Mix & Mingle Comedy Characters & Entertainers from all fields to enhance your Corporate Function, Private Party or Team Event. 


We also deliver "Bespoke"  

Project Management for any themed event you have in your imagination.


We have sourced & employ a highly experienced, professional team to create a one stop solution delivering an incomparable service for your event vision, achieving spectacular results.


We offer; Professional Performers, Character Acts, MC's, Bands, Technical Support, Make-up Artists, Children's Entertainers & Unique Specialists with Services for the Corporate Entertainment Environment & Private Party World.


Murder At Crackpot Manor

Live, Interactive & Virtual

Mystery Event


It will leave you in Stitches & Dying with Laughter.


Peter Osborne

 Hello Everyone,  I trained as an Actor & Teacher at Bretton Hall College, Leeds University & I am a Performer, Director, Actor, Drama & Vocal Coach, Business Manager & Teacher for the last 35 years & up to the present day.


AMAZING CHARACTERZ   was born out of a passion to create funny & interesting archetypal characters in a similar tradition to that of "Carry On," "Dick Emery" & "The Two Ronnies" or "The Fast Show" & "Catherine Tate Show."

Characterz That could appear at any given moment in any given context or setting in order to entertain & sometimes even inform.


CRACKPOT MANOR  Has been created as either a live event experience or an online Party you can experience in the comfort of your own home. A Live Murder Mystery unfolds and your Party Guests are the detectives in this interactive theatrical experience that will either leave you in stitches & have you dying with laughter.  


AMAZING WORKSHOPS  were created to help others encourage, enhance & achieve the best by utilising their performance skills in a professional setting.


My previous appointments have included;

Artistic Director at The London, Edinburgh, Prague & York Dungeons.

US & European Tour Manager for Spirit of The Dance productions.

Director, Stunt Coordinator & Performer at  Live Stunt Themed Shows including James Bond, Cowboys & Pirates.

in the UK & Europe.

Head of Operations for VPS Group. Sales Director for ITD Research. Account & Team Manager at CoStar group.

Plus Numerous Acting jobs in Theatre, Television & Film.

My work ethics & emphasis have always been on bringing forth the best in People through Performance, whether that be in a corporate, public or Drama environment.


I have worked with & coached delegates in many of the most  diverse & varied fields of the professional world, clients have included people from; The most Confident of Actors to The shyest of Highly Educated Individuals in the fields of Medicine, Engineering & Business.


All have one thing in common they are often required to perform in front of their Colleagues & peers as a part of their profession or even socially. The Goal is in Mastering Listening & Communication skills that will enhance an individuals career progression.


I have successfully taught & coached delegates skills to display their Knowledge with Confidence & Authority in their subject field & show Leadership by example,


These are all areas of  professional life that have  fascinated me & I  am passionate to help People become the best Performers in their field.


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